Monday, August 10, 2015

Long way gone. New book out in September!

Well I was gone for quite a long time. We enjoyed the rest of our year in South Africa and we then took off to New Mexico. Specifically Santa Fe. It was stark and beautiful and quite the contrast to the lush tropical Indian Ocean. I had a hard time adjusting but the upside is that I left South Africa feeling like I could go back out there again. My home sickness subsided and I made a lot of wonderful friends. Santa Fe is beautiful but very expensive and we quickly realized that we'd not likely be able to afford an adobe house for half a million dollars. As lovely as the architecture is, it's overpriced. So, after seventeen different stops from South Africa back to Virginia we are at last back in my old stomping ground.

In other news, I have a new book coming out. If you haven't read the Closet Door series, what are you waiting for? Books one and two have been available on Amazon for a while now. Check them out and look for the third installment in September.

Well, now that monkeys aren't always trying to steal my bananas I'll have to find something new to write about. Squirrels in the back yard? Nope, doesn't have the same exotic appeal.