Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Stuff I Like

I just got back from a wonderful lunch with Rog. Our favorite spot is this tiny place called The Carving Board. The food is great and it's nice and cheap. Bodie is looking extra good after his haircut and when he heard me turn the camera on, he ran up to pose for a photo. He loves it for some reason.
The next picture is the view from my window sill when I am washing the dishes. If I have do it, at least I want nice things to look at. The tiny pepper shaker came from South Africa and so did the bird planter.
The next two pictures are of antique Buddhas in my living room.
The last picture is of something AWESOME. Rog and I went to Fishersville for a rock and gem show. That Amethyst weighs over sixty pounds and I love it. It was also cheap which I couldn't believe. It is now taking over the living room. Luckily Rog likes crystals too. Bodie likes to lick it for some reason. Happy Tuesday!

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