Friday, January 17, 2014

My new book, Behind the Closet Door is now available from Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Smashwords. It's winter... Not the best time for me to try and promote anything but hey, it's good to curl up with a book, right? So why not curl up with mine? It's sunny which is kind of important to my state of mind. I can handle most anything when the sun is shining. It's the only thing I have in common with my main character, Henry Peterson which is a good thing. Read the book and you'll see why. Here's an excerpt.
An idea formed in his mind, something about that last piece of the puzzle. He thought he knew how to make the fog lift, the skies brighten again. When he reached his apartment, the rain was coming down harder than ever. He doubted that anyone would hear Michelle, even if she was screaming like a banshee up there. He was already sopping wet, so he took his time pulling out the insulation board and all of the bags. He blipped the car alarm and made his way back to his apartment. As he opened the door, he heard a loud tapping followed by a clawing sound. “Henry, open the door, its dark in here! The light is off, turn the light on. Open the goddamn door!” Henry put down his purchases; he went into the bedroom to change into some dry clothes. “Henry, I can hear you out there, talk to me please.” He noticed a kind of desperation in her voice that hadn’t been there before. He looked at his watch; it had only been a couple of hours. It couldn't be all that bad, he thought. He undressed, piled up his wet clothes on the floor and went into the bathroom. It was dark and smelled vaguely of mold. Michelle had always jokingly called it his dungeon. He turned on the hot water and stepped into the shower. The steam rose up around him and comforted him. He felt raw after the day’s events. He had scratches on his hands and face…and they stung as the wet spray hit him. He stood there for a while, letting the warmth of the water seep into him. After he dried off, he put on a pair of sweatpants and an old sweatshirt. He felt better. It was quiet. Michelle wasn't making any noise at all. He knew he was going to have to say something to her eventually. He wasn't ready yet, though.

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