Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall is in the air

Hi all. I hope you are having a glorious fall. I love this time of year. Who doesn't? The leaves are falling slowly off the trees as they turn exquisite shades of orange,red and yellow. I always love writing at this time of year and many of my books take place around this time. I thought it would be fun to have a giveaway. One thing I've noticed is how often people tell me they've enjoyed one of my books but they haven't reviewed it on Amazon. I know it's a busy world out there but those reviews help attract new readers. Also, Amazon is more likely to feature my books the more reviews they have. With that in mind, I am having a contest for the fall season. To enter simply click the link at the bottom of this blog and choose any of my five books to leave a review. If you review more than one, you will be entered for every book you review one time. The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on this blog. If you win, you can choose one of any of my five e-books. I hope you'll join in the fun and also help your friendly neighborhood indie author get some review action happening. I hope you all have a wonderful fall!


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