Monday, May 1, 2017

New Article on Handmade Salve

Hi all! I have just had an article published in the May 2017 edition of The Echo World. It's about how to make your own salve. Check it out.

I also sell it if you'd rather buy it. It's all natural and made with olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and other healthy, natural ingredients. I infuse the finished product with Reiki energy which really helps.

I know that salve seems more like a winter product but I use it year round. I have dry skin but also it's great for tattoos. It keeps the skin soft and brings out the colors without being greasy.

Here is a photo of the salve before it cools.

It's almost cool here.

The finished product.

My contact info.

I hope everyone is having a nice spring. It's gorgeous today, moody and windy but also warm. Have a wonderful week!

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